Guillaume Pourcel

PhD student at the University of Groningen

I am interested in explanations of the human mind, engineering of unconventional computing artifacts, and where the two overlap.

My Ph.D. is on non-digital computing theories in the MINDS group. These theories are developed to be relevant for brains, minds, and future non-digital microchips. I am currently working on conceptor, a technique to unlock new types of control of high dimensional non-linear (neural) dynamics. I am funded by the European project PostDigital.

Before starting my Ph.D., I completed the Arts et Métiers engineering school with a specialization in Neuroscience. I also obtained a master’s degree in Cognitive Science at École Normale Supérieure (Cogmaster). During my studies, I did two 6-months research internships, one with Mehdi Khamassi on Reinforcement Learning, one with Axel Cleeremans on metacognition.